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Well hello there fellow WEEB! Welcome to the all inclusive WEEBsite here we are a diverse gaming organization with a mission. That mission is to rustle the jimmies of everyone in the most efficient way possible. We do this through our Fake News site we are a leader in top quality weeaboo research.


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To the extent of the of the rules of the internet we love our 2-D girls. A lot better than those fake make up wearing 3-D ones.

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We Be Spilling that Fire B We Are Ranked #1 In Top Quality Weeaboo Research! From Satire To Shit Posting Controversial Articles. We Will Get Into Normies Main News Feed!

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All Contributions Are Paid In Dogecoin!! We need Writers, Artists, And Moderators!! We Are Looking For People That Like Doing This As A Hobby.

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Every Member is considered an important member no matter how small. A Word Of Warning Before Joining Us You Have To Have A Very THICC Skin Minimum Requirement for all people to Join. Is 4 Years Experience On The Internet! (A Summer onĀ 4chan.org)

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